Mission Statement

Nai Udaan is a registered secular society committed for welfare and rehabilitation of mentally and physically challenged people.

The society is intending to establish a Rehabilitation Centre and special school for mentally and physically challenged people.

Extending advices to the families belonging to poor socioeconomic status and weaker section for educating their children and for providing qualitative education and incalculating the habit of going to school for proper and better education in regard to their career development.

Creating awareness programme among the people for keeping better health and immunizing themselves from various disease.

Exploring avenues for generated self employment for women saving as mad servant housewives in the societies.

At present focus of the institution is to extend all possible support to the down trodeen sector of the society including weaker sectors.

Your cooperation and contribution to this noble course will not only give support to these people directly but also count as a service to nailen to make it mentally and physically strong and alternately be a source of service to humanity and will tentamount to service to God.

The society is a non-profit earning society and committed to service motive only in the interest of the nation and humanity.